Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen

There is an exhaustive list of factors that make the outdoor kitchens a very interesting option for home owners to be incorporated into their homes; a very significant one of these factors being the versatile nature of these kitchens. 

A kitchen can be as small as a barbeque machine installed in your homes backyard or as elaborate as a fully fledged kitchen with a countertop supporting a number of equipments, shelves for holding the kitchen accessories and decorative fountains. It greatly depends on your personal choices and your budget that how much you extend your outdoor kitchen. 

As an outdoor kitchen has a fun element associated with it, you donât have to establish a sophisticated cooking place to kill the enjoyment factor. Here is how you can design an outdoor kitchen for your home at a dramatically less expenditure -

The outdoor kitchen will be open from all or most of the sides, so you will need a shelter to protect the equipments from heat, rain and cold. There is a range of inexpensive shelters available in hardware stores that can be easily installed and removed manually. So you don’t even need to call a professional for the installation.

Make a list of all the equipments and other accessories that you will be placing in your outdoor kitchen. Buying these supplies in one go as a complete outdoor kitchen kit from the same supplier may help you get a discount on the purchase.

It is obvious that while cooking, you will need continuous water supply. Now there are multiple options of getting a continuous water supply in the area. You can purchase a water dispenser, a portable water filter than can also be used for other purposes or call a plumber and get a valve exclusively fixed for the area. From all these options, you can choose the one that will best suit your requirements as well as your budget.

As you will not be using your kitchen on a daily basis, you dont need to buy separate set of utensils for it. You can use the ones that you use in your indoor kitchen. If you have a fireplace or a fire pit installed in the area, you just need to buy a few earthen pots and metallic pans which are very inexpensive and easy to clean.

In place of the costly decorative tiles and designer stone, you can use the other low cost alternatives to these such as slate or the pieces of tiles remaining from your home construction. This will render a very raw and traditional look to the area making it all the more attractive.

Kitchens can work well without pricey garden furniture. Instead, you can make seating arrangements on the floor giving it a feel of a family outing rather than a formal backyard party. If furniture is essential for your outdoor kitchen, opt for plastic furniture or bamboo furniture which is inexpensive and light weight thus easy to move.

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